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Dani also has experience in collaborating with corporations such as Bayer AG and universities such as the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and the Weizmann Institute. Investments in companies Dani managed exceeded over USD 10 million. He was CEO and COO, roles that included managing a laboratory (R&D) team as well as a light industrial production facility. Dani can offer insight and guidance on management of early stage and growth companies.

There is “growing” interest from investors in agriculture as the middle classes in Asia grow, as well as climate change, water shortage and environmental concerns become more pressing. However, many investors lack experience in this industry. Having focused on internet, medical or IT hi-tech, investors, including angel investors, venture capitalists (VC) are now looking at new investment opportunities in agriculture. Dani is able to help clients with investment decisions, as well as improving the business model of existing ventures.

Dani holds an MA in History and a BSc. degree in Biology and Ecology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Dani has a college education in business management.

Dani is at present also involved in educational volunteer work – in the “Ecological Greenhouse” in kibbutz Ein Shemer

Prior to founding his first company, Dani was Secretary General of Kibbutz Afiq, a teacher of Life Sciences and active in formal and informal education systems. Dani attended HaKfar HaYarok (“The Green Village”) agriculture oriented high school and has been devoted to agriculture and the environment ever since. 

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