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Wine Farm
הסמכות אורגניות
Wine Country
Freshly Caught Fish
Combine Harvester on Field
Box of Fresh Fish
Wheat Field

Dani Neifeld   C.E.O

 Agri-Tech Consultant - Entrepreneur -  Speaker 


Dani Neifeld offers both technical and business consulting to investors and companies looking to develop and commercialize new agricultural biotechnologies. With over 30 years of experience, he is a serial entrepreneur that has turned ideas to successful products that are sold globally. From fund raising to global sales, Dani has vast experience in all aspects of Agri-tech ventures.                                                                                                            More... 

AquaMor- SEDANOL-Turkey

AquaMor- SEDANOL-Turkey

צפייה בסרטון
Growing Plants

Scope of Service

  • Business development

  • Technical assessment  

  • Intellectual Property (IP)  

  • Logistics and supply chain

  • Regulation and sertificitions

  • R&D and commercialization 


Plant Selection


Dani also has experience in collaborating with corporations such as Bayer AG and universities such as the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and the Weizmann Institute. Investments in companies Dani managed exceeded over USD 10 million. He was CEO and COO, roles that included managing a laboratory (R&D) team as well as a light industrial production facility. Dani can offer insight and guidance on management of early stage and growth companies.


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